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  • Schedules to the 27th of august 2017 - (1)

    Integral>09:30AM-02:00PM-03:30PM       Essential>11:00AM-12:30PM 02:30PM-05:30PM

  • Schedules to the 10th of september 2017 - (2)

    Swimming > 10:00AM - 03:00PM   IF> From 10:15AM to 05:15 PM

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  • Swimming in the calanques

Creeks and If Castle visit

Creeks and If Castle visit

Enjoy a visit inside the creeks from Marseille to Cassis, take a stroll in Marseille Bay for the discovery of the historical heritage and If castle... 

Reception hall of Monte Cristo

Reception hall of Monte Cristo

We open for you, the doors of a magical reception hall "Les Terrasses de Monte Cristo" at the foot of the emblematic If Castle in Marseille

Boats privatization

Boats privatization

Inside amazing landscapes, embark for unforgattable professional or private events, during a day or an evening