Workshop creation of typically Marseille products

Take advantage of a workshop dedicated to Provence to discover and create products typical of the PACA region. Small bags of lavender, Marseille soap, develop your creative spirit by participating in a workshop discovered on board a 100% comfortable boat in Marseille.

Marseille soap making workshop

What could be more emblematic than the famous Marseille soap! Accompanied by a master soap maker, discover the making of the real Marseille Soap through a Provencal workshop. In our boat, learn the history of Marseille soap and create your own soaps.
With friends, family or work colleagues, each participant creates his own soap and then everyone leaves with a 80 gram soap.
An unforgettable memory that smells like Provence!

Lavender workshop: emblem of Provence

Lavender fields have made Provence famous throughout the world: use your creative spirit to enhance this fragrant plant. During the animation of the lavender workshop, you will have the opportunity to create small bags of lavender full of scents.
All participants will be able to bring back their lavender creation to keep an unforgettable memory of this activity made in Marseille.

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