Morgiou and Sugiton : small natural paradises

Morgiou, a popular creek

Smaller than its neighbor Sormiou, Morgiou is however very similar: the same orientation, the same situation at the end of the valley and the same beautiful bank. It was in this small fishing port (XVth century) we celebrated a visit from the king with a traditional tuna fishing event called madrague. 37m under Morgiou Cape we find the prehistoric cave Cosquer, discovered in 1985. It is covered with rock paintings dating back 27 000 years. The site was inhabited because at that period it was 150m below sea level.

Creek of Sugiton

The calanque of Sugiton consists of two creeks, each with a small pebble beach surrounded by high cliffs. The access is limited because of falling stones. As the water comes from a spring in the mountain, the water is always cold. In front of Sugiton is an island called Torpedo, due to its shape of a military ship. A little further you will see an area reserved for the naturists.

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